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BIOL 150: Introductory Biology (Golub, Fall 2014)

BIOL-225-01: Bio-Diversity (MOONEY, Fall 2014)

BIOL-245: Zoology (GOODWIN, Fall 2014)

BIOL-343: Anatomy and Physiology (Herrick, Fall 2014)

Business Admin & Econ

BADM-224-02: Financial Accounting (Remillard, Fall 2014)

PMBA-600-01: Management & Learning (STEINBERG, Fall 2014)


CCAP-300-01: Service Leadership (WHITNEY, Fall 2014)

CCCA-101: Art of the American Southwest (GENGARELLY, Fall 2014)

CCCA-202-02: The Good Earth-Agrarianism (ZEPERNICK, Fall 2014)

Computer Science

CSCI-235-01: Digital Circuit Design (Dalton, Fall 2014)


CCCA-207: Children's Literature (FINK, Fall 2014)


CCAP-300-06: Science and Spirit (WASHBURN, Fall 2014)

CCHH-223: Great Depression (LESAGE, Fall 2014)

ENGL-150: College Writing II (NEWBY, Fall 2014)

ENGL-150-06: College Writing (LEVITT, Fall 2014)

ENGL-150-10: College Writing II (Dunning, Fall 2014)

ENGL-250-04: Introduction to Literature (GILBRETH, Fall 2014)

ENGL-250-04: Introduction to Literature (Sciuto, Fall 2014)

ENGL-265: Baseball History & Literature (ELDER, Fall 2014)

ENGL-270-01: Fantasy (NEWBY, Fall 2014)

ENGL-270-02: Horror (ZEPERNICK, Fall 2014)

ENGL-306-01: Business Writing & Presentation (LESAGE, Fall 2014)

ENGL-338-01: Photojournalism (Jones, Fall 2014)

ENGL-397: Films & Filmmaking (LAMBERT, Fall 2014)

ENGL-471: World Literature (COHANE, Fall 2014)

ENGL-481-01: Public Relations & Crisis Management (LESAGE, Fall 2014)

Environmental Science

ENVI-150H-01: Intro to Environmental Systems (TRAISTER, Fall 2014)

Fine & Performing Arts

ART-117-01: Great Monuments of Art ( Mathews, Fall 2014)

History & Political Science

HIST-103-01: Pre-Modern World Civilization (HUANG, Fall 2014)

HIST-104-01: Modern World Civilization (HUANG, Fall 2014)

HIST-104-02: Modern World Civilization (CONNERTON, Fall 2014)

Hist 320-01: US and WW II (JANIS, Fall 2014)

POSC-304-01: Constitutional Law (TASKIN, Fall 2014)

Interdisciplinary Studies

FREX-100: Freshman Experience (LESAGE, Fall 2014)

IDST-150: Introduction to Cross-Cultural and Social Justice Studies (NNODIM, Fall 2014)

IDST-299: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies: Prison, Punishment, & Society (NNODIM, Fall 2014)

IDST-360-01: East Meets West: Challenging Orientalism (Cardozo, Fall 2014)

MATH-250-01: Discrete Mathematics (Hartung, Fall 2014)


MATH-220: Calculus 1 (Hartung, Fall 2014)

Math-232-01: Introduction to statistics (NGUYEN, Fall 2014)

MATH-232-08: Introduction to Statistics (Hartung, Fall 2014)

Math-250-01: Discrete Mathematics (Hartung, Fall 2014)


PSYC-290: PSYC Research and Stats (Benjamin, Fall 2014)

PSYC-291: Psychological Research Methods & Statistics II (Benjamin, Fall 2014)


SOCI-500-02: Independent Study (ZOLTANSKI, Fall 2014)